New Woods Forestry

We establish top quality, diverse woodlands that stand the tests of time.

Producing long term, high value hardwood timber and high volumes of top quality fuelwood in the short to mid term.

To achieve this we:

  • Match tree species to site and soil type.
  • Carefully select provenances for quality and yield.
  • Design planting patterns to facilitate maintenance and harvesting.

A plantation established thus can deliver all the amenity, biodiversity and sporting benefits derived from conventional practice, indeed these benefits are more easily manipulated to suit with the New Woods approach.

New Woods achieve high strike rate, high productivity and zero maintenance by using the unique Sheet Mulcher system. Enhanced growth rate is a huge bonus in the current climate of fuelwood demand, rising deer populations and Carbon Sequestration.

New Woods are fully up to speed with Forestry Commission Woodland Creation Grants and will submit applications on behalf of the client. We can also secure Carbon co-funding for most schemes.

New Woods Forestry is the fruit born of thirty years of frustration, it REALLY WORKS!