The Gengard is a self-supporting deer and rabbit proof enclosure, made of 4 panels of long lasting steel mesh and making a square 2.4m x 2.4m x 1.2m.

It is a versatile, simple-to-install, efficient and essential tool that demonstrates dramatically what is happening in a wood.

Its uses are many:


Ensuring the survival of future generations of young trees, coppice and other flora.

Gengards are placed in gaps that arise in the canopy following selective felling or thinning operations. The arising seedlings are protected for 5 – 10 years until they have formed a small thicket. At this point the Gengard is easily and swiftly moved to a new location. One tree will grow to maturity from each ‘thicket’.

The steel is coated in a compound that gives life expectancy up to 50 years. Thus each Gengard will produce many trees.

When employed to protect coppice, the Gengards only need be left in place for two growing seasons.


In addition Gengards’ proven effectiveness at protecting young plants from browsing mammals until they are secured as a new ‘generation’, their employment as exclosure plots to demonstrate local browsing pressure is a most valuable function.

The very many expensive hours spent in counting or estimating deer numbers in order to set cull targets are not necessary where exclosure plots are in place. They provide basic information to which it is simple to react:


Gengards are available through New Woods Forestry Limited.

Panels are £28.00, plus delivery and VAT. There is a minimum order of 20 panels.

Email New Woods Forestry at to place an order or to discuss discounts on larger orders.